Part 2 wished we could play the whole video of Umberto and Roberto they made it through to the next round of #italiangottalent #italiagottalent #italian #italiasgottalent go and watch the full video at YouTube under Umberto and Roberto di gaysydneyaustralia

Un video di talento condiviso da gaysydneyaustralia.
March 29, 2016 at 03:16PM

Precedente I programmi tv preferiti dagli italiani Successivo Part One We’re not sure exactly what the judges said about Umberto and Roberto’s dance, except we did hear a lot of “bellissima,” which essentially translates to “ very beautiful.” While the Umberto and Roberto may bring you to tears during their dance, their choice to perform together was also a brave act, considering Italy recently had to strip down a civil unions bill, removing provisions that would have allowed same-sex couples to adopt their partners’ biological children, in order for it to pass. As we said, no subtitles are required to understand the love between Umberto and Roberto, catch the entire video on YouTube #gayitaly #italiangottalent #umbertoandroberto #italiasgottalent di gaysydneyaustralia

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